Jennifer was flat out amazing

Jennifer was flat out amazing in the purchase process for our first home purchase near Belmar. Her search process is great; she worked with us to narrow down our quite ambiguous search criteria. Then her team put together an automatic listing search that delivered us several new homes each day to our very own custom home search dashboard. We were able to eliminate most homes with this online tool and it helped us take unnecessary trips to the home locations across our wide search area. The dashboard allows you to put new listings in one of three simple columns: Interested, Maybe, and Not Interested. We would schedule showings for the “Interested” homes and take drive-bys to the Maybes to see if we would even like the neighborhood. Turns out we were much more picky than we thought and eliminated 100s of homes with the combination of these methods (both of which were suggested by Jennifer). A “Maybe” led us to the neighborhood we now call home, but not the actual house we ended up buying. We quickly offered on the home Jennifer first showed us in that neighborhood and she was utterly amazing in strategizing how to bring the homeowners down from an unreasonable price. We were about to act on that home when her online tool found another home just down the street – the house we now call home.

Working with us through the price negotiations, value assessments and pre-purchase conditions, Jennifer helped us negotiate a price we were super happy with to purchase this new home. There were several things she saw as needing improvement prior to us taking possession, and the inspection ended up finding the same things – she is really with it! She easily identifies potential pitfalls in a home and readily shares it with the homebuyer. We felt really good being in her hands. One of the things she found involved a dangerous electrical panel. We asked the sellers to replace it (along with the hot water heater and furnace). They balked at it, but Jennifer was absolutely sure that a city inspection would require the homeowners to replace the panel. We trusted her on this and followed through on the purchase without the electrical work. Then the city inspector found the electrical to be unsatisfactory and informed the homeowners what would be needed to pass inspection. Then they replaced the panel and brought other items we didn’t even see in the electrical system up to code. Didn’t cost us a dime! She was also a great wealth of information on cosmetic improvements that can be done with the space. She’d probably be an interior designer in another life.

We are thrilled with our new home and really enjoyed our homebuying experience with Jennifer. One small caveat is that she is very busy (a good sign, mind you) and can’t be there for you all of the time. We were probably a little too needy, but her and her heroic assistant, Adam, tried their best to make time for us when it was available. It will really pay off to have a little patience to receive such top-notch service. 5-stars indeed, go with her and you won’t be disappointed!!

— Ben L.